How to beat the winter blues

The start of September brings with it a mixed bag of emotions for many of us. The holidays are over, summer is drawing (somewhat sharply) to a close, days are getting shorter and the weather has taken a very decided turn for the worst.  Throw in the childhood association of early September with the dreaded return to school and the knowledge we could be in for 6 months of lousy weather and it can be hard to adopt a positive outlook when you open the curtains to yet another downpour and must don wellies, waterproofs and wet weather gear before leaving the house, brolly in tow.

But, mindful of that old adage “pick your attitude”, I decided to compile a list of quick fix ways to make September – and the summer’s departure – a time you relish rather than resent.

Invest in practical but pretty pieces

Who wants to arrive at work wet, cold and bedraggled? Absolutely nobody, which is why investing in clothing that will keep you warm and dry is a must. But if you are going to have to don practical clothing then keep it pretty – and the brighter the better. I genuinely look forward to a downpour; it’s an excuse to put on my bright yellow waterproof mac which always attracts admirers. The same is true of my ankle wellington boots which are black (practical) but with a cute gold bow (pretty). My walk to the work is bearable and I arrive warm, dry and not resembling a drowned rat.

Indulge in guilt free duvet days

One of the greatest joys of a wet weekend is feeling a total lack of guilt about spending the day tucked up in bed, chocolate on lap, tea in hand and Come Dine With Me on loop.  Of course this can be done any time of year, but during the summer it comes with a sense of panic about wasting the last days of summer. In Autumn/Winter you can lounge in your pajamas all day long without an ounce of guilt. Bliss.

Which leads us neatly on to…

Bask in the glow of great TV

Those clever telly people know that dark, drizzly nights mean a captive audience of couch potatoes who cant face leaving the lounge for longer than it takes to grab a second glass of wine.  Which means the return of some of televisions best. We’re particularly looking forward to a dose of scandal amid the scullery maids when Downton Abbey returns on SEptember 18th, a fix of bitchiness and bling with Essex’s finest when TOWIE airs at the end of September and with X-factor back in its regular slot and keeping us company until Christmas the prospect of a night in with the remote doesn’t seem quite so gloomy.

Leave your desk every day

There is nothing more soul destroying than leaving home in the morning to be met by darkness and then departing the office at the end of the day to find the sun has departed. If you have followed tip 1 then you will be fully kitted out to leave the office whatever the weather, now all you need is somewhere to escape too and maybe some friends to join you!  Find yourself a little haven which will ensure you escape the office and get some daylight – it could be a local deli that serves a mean chilli con carne or a book shop with a café inside – we promise you will feel all the better for it

Celebrate the end of bikini tyranny

Farewell to a semi naked Kate Moss jumping into the Med. Ta-ra to the voluptuous Kelly Brook bouncing down a Barbadian beach. And so long to bikini clad Halle Berry driving us to the brink of tears with her perfect abs. You will absolutely not be missed. Hoorah we cheer, lifting our Haagen Daazs tubs to the sky, for September marks an end of the daily slideshow of celebrities and their heavenly figures and with it our desperate attempts to sculpt the perfect bikini body. And we have a good 8 months until the cycle starts again; 8 months in which to embark on a gentle fitness programme with no pressure and a realistic amount of time to achieve results.  Or 8 months we can spend in blissful awareness we will be covered up in chunky knits, full-length macs and slankets for the foreseeable future. Your choice!


Embark on one final resolution

With just over 3 months until Christmas, now is the time to re-visit that crumpled and oft-ignored New Year resolution list and pick just one achievable goal to accomplish before Christmas. Whether it be growing your nails, learning French or putting more money aside – with 14 weeks to go you have enough time to make great strides towards a goal you may otherwise have ignored and will be able to give yourself a bit pat on the back come Christmas.

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