Dove 2 in 1 Daily Therapy

One of the perks of living with my flatmates, who I concede are unusually groomed for two young men, is discovering a world of cosmetics that may  otherwise have remained undiscovered to me. Two in one shampoo/conditioner is one such product which I never would have considered using had it not been for a last minute realisation I’d forgotten to take my  products down to the boys’ bathroom one day (I have my own shower but it was broken).

Dove 2 in 1 Daily Therapy left my hair soft, shiny, clean and smelling completely fragrant. It didn’t compromise by containing the properties of shampoo but not conditioner, or vice versa. I may not use this every day, although this is probably more habit than anything else, but it is great for the gym (taking up half the space and half the time in the shower) and I would have no qualms in using this as an everyday part of my grooming routine. Also it is ludicrously cheap at £2.50 – leaving plenty of money to splash out on a deep conditioning treatment for special occasions.

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