Meal for one

I eat out as much as I can, whether it be at a pub, restaurant, canape fuelled party or at the homes of my generous friends. It is one of my great pleasures – I’d far rather sit whiling away an evening over a 3 course meal than at a busy bar or club. But when I made the decision to enter journalism and leave my well paid third sector job I also knew I’d be waving goodbye to the regular habit of dining out.

So it is that I now often find myself heading home and deciding between two options that anyone eating alone must deal with – do I slob it out or step up?

My flatmates often eat late and regularly cook pre-packaged meals from M&S and Sainsburys and as I try not to eat past 8 and don’t especially like pre-prepared food I often opt out of eating together. But I am so drawn to the idea of a lazy supper taken straight from the freezer (last night I ate wedges, scampi and peas!) despite the fact I love to cook.

It just feels like cooking anything fancy, and the inevitable pile of washing up it creates, is so much effort when its just me eating. I know I should spoil myself, just as I would a friend or boyfriend, but sometimes I cannot be arsed!

As such I do have a series of recipes I have perfected which involve just one dish, one pan and one plate. The picture above is of a particular favourite, bulgur wheat topped with roasted tomatoes, olive oil, griled chicken and feta. I ate it a few nights ago, as the evening sun streamed through my kitchen window and I enjoyed a well earned glass of chilled white wine, and remembered that giving myself a bit of TLC is no bad thing!

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