What’s in my bag?

In case my earlier post sparked your interest in the contents of my handbag, here is a quick look at what I cart around with me everyday. I am quite a neat freak when it comes to my bag, years of grappling around amonst receipts and chocolate wrappers drove me to be very strict in keeping it organised and tidy.

Prada wallet – from back in the day when I earned proper money (but wasn’t happy – the self inflicted pay drop was worth it, but more on that later). Every girl needs a bit of Prada in her life and I snapped this up for a steal on eBay.

Clean perfume (in Shower Fresh) – I read that this was the perfume Jennifer Aniston wears, and have it from multiple sources that she smells divine. This perfume is as it is named, it smells exactly like you just stepped out of a shower at a five star hotel; clearn, fresh and light.

Burberry sunglasses – in design these are similar to the classic Raybarn shape, with rims in a dark brown tortoishell.

Atrixo handcream – I adore the scent of this cheap, effective moisturiser and keep it in my handbag at all times to enrich my dried out hands.

Scarf –  I always carry a scarf in my bag as I often end up staying late at work or going to parties which means I get caught walking home late at night. This one is from the Liberty sale, a soft cashmere number with white tips.

Red and pink polka dot mini carry case – from my beloved Superdrug (cheap and cheerful cosmetics for the cash strapped who want a shopping spree of sorts).

Book – currently J.D.Salinger’s awesome Franny and Zooey, which I highly recommend.

Liberty vouchers – gift from my old employer, I like to know I have £100 to spend at my favourite shop in London if the mood grabs me!

Finally the hilariously OTT bag I am currently sporting, bought at a work sale for £1.  As it has not tags I am not sure if it was shockingly cheap or really expensive, either way I love the heavy gold strap and the camp take on patriotism.

Misc: Umbrella, chewing gum, hairbrush, lip gloss and Nurofen – all vital parts of my everyday kit.

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